The Journey

I wish restoring your health and life after being diagnosed with a chronic illness wasn’t a journey. I wish it was more like a weekend project like painting your kitchen, planting a new garden or cleaning out your closets. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to the doctor, tell her or him your symptoms, get an immediate diagnosis and an action plan that will make you good as new. Maybe you have to do a couple of uncomfortable things like get some tests, spend a day or two in bed or even eat some weird fruit and veggie concoction. No big deal. Before you can turn around twice, you’re back to your normal life.

If only.

The good news and bad news about the reality of Lyme and autoimmune disease is where the journey comes in. The bad news is that chronic illnesses last a long time. Many of these conditions completely derail what was once known as your life. Even worse, the experience of existence itself can become unbearable. I know this well. I prayed many times during the first 5 years of this ordeal to please not wake up in the morning. Please.

Fortunately, there is lots good news. There is a way back to a life you look forward to waking up to each morning. It may not look exactly like your old life, in fact it most certainly will not. But let’s face it; your old life landed you here. I can look back now and see the exact path leading to the disintegration of my health.

The even better news is that total health recovery (or whatever you call the day you dream of when you aren’t sick anymore) isn’t required. All it takes to be on this path is a willingness to have an open mind, taking full responsibility for your health and life, getting outside your comfort zone, questioning authority, making lifestyle and diet changes, going inside yourself, telling the truth and most of all, to not giving up. You have to believe there is hope of feeling good and loving life again.

I say all this from experience. I’ve been on this path for 6 years and never ever thought I would be happy again. The truth is I’m now happier than I’ve been in the last 12 years, and more authentically me than ever before. So when I say it’s possible, believe it!

This journey involves healing at the physical, emotional-mental and spiritual levels of your life. It will involve all of you because Lyme and autoimmune disease affects all of you. My intention for this website is to provide a place where you can exhale and know that there is a way back from the brink. Where you can explore and learn and discover next steps for your journey. I want us to connect and support each other. I want us to heal and live again.

I hope you’ll join us.