Services & Support

One thing that can make your path smoother is having support and lots of it.  One type of support that is particularly helpful is working with an objective third party who is an outstanding listener and can hear what’s not being said.  Someone who can get some altitude on the situation and see patterns and connections that you cannot see for yourself.  Someone who’s walked in your shoes and understands what others never could.  Someone who is skilled in asking questions and guiding you through a process of discovering your own answers.

These days that someone is often called a “coach.” You could also call that role “thinking partner” or “discovery partner,” guide or mentor.

Whatever you call it, I have an extensive background in working in the role of “coach” and supporting people (and organizations) who are on a journey of change and transition.  I graduated from Georgetown University’s Organizational Development and Change Leadership program in 2000, and The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2001, the Co-Active Leadership program in 2002, and was certified in the William Bridges Transition Model in 2011.

I’ve worked with people as a life coach, career coach and an executive coach.  For people with Lyme and autoimmune disease, I support the journey of discovery, answering the wake-up call that chronic illness can be and transitioning to a new and meaningful life.  I can also support you in transitioning to a healing diet and lifestyle.  What I don’t do is offer nutritional or medical advice.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact me.  I work with people on either an as-needed basis, or if you prefer we can set up a weekly schedule for a 3-month commitment.