One of the keys to a successful transition to a real, whole foods healing diet is to trust the “crowding out” approach.  Back when I was just starting my own transition, I added lots and lots vegetables and fruit to my existing diet, flooding my nutrient-deficient body with micro-nutrients.  Lo and behold, I eventually got to the point of eating very little food that wasn’t real, whole and healing.

For someone who is reluctant to clean out their cabinets and go cold turkey on a new diet, here are 25 ways to get more goodness into your diet right away.  It’s also a good list for someone who has already cleaned out their cabinets and is eating a real food diet.  I don’t know about you, but I could always stand to eat more produce.


1.  Sauté broccoli, leafy greens such as spinach, or other vegetables in bone broth, coconut oil or butter, and mix with eggs or sausage to make an      omelet or scrambled dish.  You can find healthy fats for cooking here.
2.  Steam Brussels sprouts, broccoli or greens and have them alongside whatever else you eat.
3.  Blend a green smoothie with water, coconut or almond milk, berries and leafy greens such as chard, spinach or kale.
4.  Have a piece of fruit before eating the rest of your breakfast.
5.  Roasted vegetables (or other veggies) leftover from dinner or cooked that morning.


6.  Eat a huge salad with as many different types of vegetables you can manage to add to it.  Have your base be romaine, spinach or other leafy green.
7.  A gluten-free wrap with as many veggies as you can stuff into it.
8.  Roasted vegetables.  Avocado oil safe for roasting can be found here.
9.  Chopped chicken or tuna salad with a large amount of apples, celery, onion, and carrots.
10.  Pureed vegetable soup made with a base of homemade bone broth.


11.  Mashed “potatoes” made with cauliflower. Steam cauliflower then whip with butter, salt and pepper as you would in making mashed potatoes.
12.  Add broccoli, leafy greens or other vegetables to gluten-free pasta and meat sauce.
13.  Any vegetable steamed or sautéed.
14.  Stew or hearty vegetable soup made with a base of homemade bone broth.
15.  Pasta made from spaghetti squash or a spiral cutter. (like this one)


16.  Celery with almond butter.
17.  Apple with almond butter.
18.  Raw vegetables with hummus.
19.  Fruit and veggie juice frozen pops.
20.  A glass of freshly juiced vegetables and fruit, or a green smoothie (same as breakfast).


21.  Sautéed apples in butter.
22.  A bowl of berries.
23.  Baked apple or Asian pears.
24.  Fruit tart or fruit pie (gluten-free crust and naturally sweetened if needed).
25.  Fruit made into ice cream or sorbet using ice cream maker or high speed blender.

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Photo Credit: Rick Ligthelm
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